Attention: Pittsburgh City School Teachers:

Free Chess Day For Your Class!

Chess makes kids think!

Chess is one of the world's classic games. Besides being fun, chess challenges children to concentrate and stay alert. Chess puts young imaginations to work and accustoms children to thinking independently and searching for creative solutions. The problem-solving skills they develop along the way often prove valuable in many areas later in life.

Chess Days are a great way to introduce your class to the fascinating game of chess. They are an outreach effort of the Pittsburgh Chess Club under a grant called Chess-for-Pittsburgh-Youth. Thanks to generous funding from the Grable Foundation, the Frick Educational Fund (administered by The Buhl Foundation) and The Heinz Endowments, this program is being offered absolutely free to any teacher at a City of Pittsburgh School. The benefits include:

--We will send a Chessmaster or experienced instructor to visit with your students for one classroom period and provide an introductory talk about the history and lore of chess. Students will have the opportunity to handle the chess pieces, learn their names, and learn a little about how they move.

--We will leave your class with a free chess set and an introductory chessbook or chess software program, so your students can learn more.

--We will tell your class a little about the growing involvement of many local students and schools with chess and let them know how they can become more involved.

To schedule a Chess Day for your class, or to receive more information,

call Jerry Meyers, Scholastic Director of the Pittsburgh Chess Club, at (412) 422-1770.

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