1996 Carnegie Library Finals Tournament Winners

High School Section

1st Place: Andy Oterson

Grades 5 - 8 Section

1st Place: Aaron Schiff, 2nd Place: Bill Campbell, 3rd Place: Ron Scott, Tom King, Bryan Yuhas, Kevin Marnik
Top 5th Grader: Jonathan Rioja, Carl Rubin, Akira Simizu, Cyrus Girson, Top 6th Grader: Jared Glover,
Christopher Krut, Alexander Begey, Tim Sukits, Top 7th Grader: Annan Willson, Top 8th Grader: Sherwin Gandhi,
Ian Kelly, Top Unrated: Michael Kruman, Top Girl: Amanda Petrovich

Grades K- 4 Section 1st Place: Ryan Milisits, 2nd Place: Justin Papariella, 3rd Place: Zachary Appman,
Ezra Jampole, Jeffrey Neiport, Michael Rumpf, David Paone, Top 3rd Grader: Jack Cheung, Adam Petrovich,
Top 4th Grader: Justin Pyles, Greg Decarolis, Matthew Mieckowski, Jason Tomko, Tyler Dice, Nick Noble,
Top 2nd Grader: Brian Liu, Top Unrated: Christopher Schmidt, Neil Longo, Top Girl: Archana Chandrasekhar,
Kelly Boyle

Bold print indicates Trophy winner; normal print indicates ribbon winner. Multiple names in one category indicates ties.

Here is a picture of the top finishers, standing next to a large chess set which was on display at the Carnegie Science Center:

1996 Carnegie Library Top Winners

From left to right: Bill Campbell, Aaron Schiff, Justin Papariella, Ryan Milisits

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