The library tournaments are a joint effort of the Pittsburgh Chess Club and the Carnegie Library System. The Pittsburgh Chess Club receives funding from The Grable Foundation, The Frick Educational Fund of the Buhl Foundation, and The Heinz Endowments. The Carnegie Libraries receive additional funding from the RAD Board.

Trophies donated by Jampole Communications, Inc.

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Senior Division - Grades 5 - 8

2003 Senior Division Trophy Winners
Gabriel Petesch, Robert De Happart, Michael Hickman, Tyler Lelis(back row)
Adam Brnardic, Karl Gough, Kishore Jakakumar, Kelsey Regan(front row)

Trophy Winners
1st Place - Tyler Lelis
2nd Place - Gabriel Petesch
3rd Place - Karl Gough
4th Place - Michael Hickman
5th Place - Adam Brnardic
Top Unrated - Kishore Jakakumar
2nd Place Unrated - Robert De Happart
Top Girl - Kelsey Regan

2003 Senior Division Ribbon Winners

Ribbon Winners
Tied for 6th Place - Patrick Devlin, Allen Zhu, & Richard Thewes
Tied for 3rd Place Unrated - Patrick Wilkinson, Ryan Rebel, Varun Badami

Junior Division - Grades K - 4

2003 Junior Division Trophy Winners
Tom Boehm, J Elliot Spear, Scott Stern, Matthew Brady(back row)
Akhil Venkatesh, Samantha Wanko, Luke Hungerman, Yuki Nakata(front row)

Trophy Winners
1st Place - Matthew Brady
2nd Place - Scott Stern
3rd Place - Akhil Venkatesh
4th Place - Luke Hungerman
5th Place - J Elliot Spear
Top Unrated - Tom Boehm
2nd Place Unrated - Samantha Wanko
Top Girl - Yuki Nakata

2003 Junior Division Ribbon Winners

Ribbon Winners
Tied for 6th Place - Antonio Juliano, Peter Regan, Matthew Mahan, Tsukasa Ueda
3rd Place Unrated - Gregory Kump, Daneul ONeil, Wesley Fulmer, Tony Narducci, Louis Ferragonio
2nd Place Girl - Angela McCarthy, Jacqueline Tran

Images of the 30th Annual Library Finals Tournament

The Library Finals brings together the winners from each individual library tournament.

80 kids took part in this Finals tournament, held at the Homestead Library.

Juan Manfredi, Kelsey Regan, & Karl Gough
Pondering their moves...

Juan Manfredi against Tyler Lelis.  Lelis stayed on 
1st board throughout the tournament.
This is the Grade 5-8 Division at the start of the 1st round.

Yuki Nakata played well and won the Top girl trophy in Grades K-4.

In the Grade K-4 Division, this was a key battle from Round 4 between Scott Stern & Matthew Brady.

Brady won again in the last round against Antonio Juliano, to take 1st place in K-4 with a perfect 5-0.

In time trouble, Michael Hickman made some errors in a drawn ending which Tyler Lelis quickly pounced on.
Meanwhile, Gab Petesch shakes hands with Karl Gough, before defeating him in Round 4.

Lelis played an aggressive game against Gab Petesch, but couldn't break through. After the draw,
they both finished with 4.5 points. Tyler had better tiebreaks and was this year Grade 5-8 Champ.

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