The library tournaments are a joint effort of the Pittsburgh Chess Club and the Carnegie Library System. The Pittsburgh Chess Club receives funding from The Grable Foundation, The Frick Educational Fund of the Buhl Foundation, and The Heinz Endowments. The Carnegie Libraries receive additional funding from the RAD Board.

Trophies donated by Jampole Communications, Inc.

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Senior Division - Grades 5 - 8

2005 Senior Division Trophy Winners
Front Row: Randall Gough, Michael Marks, Katherine Dorohovich
Back Row: Christopher Weis, Scott Stern, Luka Glinsky, Von Ruefle, Mike Samo

Trophy Winners
1st Place - Luka Glinsky
2nd Place - Randall Gough
3rd Place - Scott Stern
4th Place - Mike Samo
5th Place - Christopher Weis
Top Unrated - Von Ruefle
2nd Place Unrated - Michael Marks
Top Girl - Katherine Dorohovich

Ribbon Winners
Tied for 6th Place - Ben Lind, John Ragan, Keith Dauson, Kishore Jayakumar, Ryan Rebel
3rd Place Unrated - Peter Chekan
2nd Place Girl - Samantha Wanko

Junior Division - Grades K - 4

2005 Junior Division Trophy Winners
Front Row: Danny Balter, Kemen Linsuain, Austin Keith
Back Row: Rachel Rattay, Zane Stiles, Prem Rajgopal, Patrick Mac Intyre

Trophy Winners
1st Place - Danny Balter
2nd Place - Prem Rajgopal
3rd Place - Kemen Linsuain
4th Place - Zane Stiles
5th Place - Austin Keith
Top Unrated - Patrick Mac Intyre
2nd Place Unrated - Rafael Katz
Top Girl - Rachel Rattay

Ribbon Winners
Tied for 6th Place - William P. & Jesse Griffin
Tied for 2nd Place Girl - Katie Lynn & Taeler Wright
Tied for 3rd Place Unrated - Drew Bertha & Stephen Smith

Images of the 32th Annual Library Finals Tournament

Additional photos posted here: Photo Website

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