Pittsburgh Youth Chess Dragons
PA State Championship in Bloomsburg - March 9-10, 2002

What a great year!! Our 5 teams captured four 1st place trophies
and one 2nd place trophy !!

Our K -3 team sailed into 1st Place!!
Pittsburgh Youth Chess Dragons

Matthew Brady, Randall Gough, & Marko Hudak
Randall Gough (center) was untouchable. He scored 5-0 to become the PA Primary Champion
Matthew Brady (left) finished 4th, and Marko Hudak (right) finished 10th

Scott Stern took the 2nd place trophy & Grade 3 Champion title. Here is Prem Rajgopal studying the board.
Scott's identical twin brother, Eric Stern, took the 5th place trophy.

Danielle Feffer thinks about her move, while 9th place finisher, Jeffrey Uselman gets ready to punch his clock

Our K-6 Under 800 team also won the Top Club Trophy !!
K-6 Under Team showing their gold!!
Hill Coulson, David Pyles, David Clemens-Sewall, Andrew Brady, Michael Holzinger, Pavan Rajgopal
Karthik Narayanan, Alok Nimgaonkar, Ann-Marie Brnardic

5th place finisher Hill Coulson records a move, while 6th place finisher David Pyles thinks about his.

David Clemens-Sewell took a Top Finisher Medal by tying for 4th-10th. Michael Holzinger in thought.

The youngest member of our team, Kindergartner Andrew Brady, scored 3 points

In the very tough K-6 Open section, our team won the 2nd place Club Trophy,
only 1/2 point from 1st
K-6 Open Team!!
Adam Brnardic, Nicholas Klingensmith, Karl Gough, Coach Jerry Meyers, Daniel Klingensmith,
Alex Zhai, & Gab Petesch.
Not pictured - Glendon King, Joey Piqueira, Jack Rosso, Kent Berthoud, & Sean Griffin

Glendon King
Glendon King in a classic chess pose

K-6 Open Top Boards
Alex Zhai took 9th, while Gab Petesch became PA Co-Elementary Champion and took the 2nd place trophy

6th grade Co-Champion Adam Brnardic
6th grade Co-Champion Adam Brnardic is up with the top boards. He also took the 8th place trophy!

We won another 1st place Team Trophy in the K-9 Under 1000 section !!
K-9 Under 1000!!
Sam Boehner, Ben Kepner, Nancy Kepner & David Muenzer
Not pictured - Allen Zhu, Bart McAllister and Danielle Feffer

David Muenzer and his proud dad, Clark
David Muenzer sailed into 1st place with a perfect 5-0! His father, Clark, was very proud.

Our 5th team Trophy came in the K-8 Open. Another 1st Place!!
K-8 Open team - another 1st place!
Nicholas Klingensmith, David Swed, Ezra Jampole, and John Dorohovich

Ezra Jampole won the 8th grade Co-Champion title and 3rd place trophy. David Swed won the 9th place trophy.

5 hard earned trophies!

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